Monday, May 6, 2013

Malaysia 13th General Elections - Time for reflection

Although the party I was rooting for did not win, but these are things I am grateful for:

1) A political awakening of the entire nation. 
We, from the young to the old, took a great interest in the politics of the country, realising its impact on ourselves, our children, our friends, our fellow citizens. 

There were less fence-sitters, and more who backed either parties for their own reasons. Malaysians who are overseas also followed the country's progress with their noses glued to their computer screens.

Which other country can boast this?

2) Malaysians were more patriotic than ever
Never have I felt more love and hope for this country. Never have there been a 85% turnout to vote because they cared and realised that they could make a difference. Never have the people speak of the country with such glowing praises - rich in resources, culture, beauty and diversity - that makes it worth fighting for. For the first time in my life, I felt so lucky to be a Malaysian.

How many other countries can boast this?

3) The emergence of great leaders
We saw the emergence of sincere, competent and young leaders from both parties. The kind of people that make you think "Here stands a man/woman who can lead me".
It brought out the true colors, as only challenges can, from both parties and we can start to filter out the capable from the incapable, competent from the incompetent, sincere from the insincere.

What other countries have so many diamonds in the rough?

4) The emergence of great citizens
Our rakyat were willing to sacrifice hours of their time and comfort to vote, to monitor the polls from morning till morning, to stand up against the FRU because they feared illegal ballots, to stand guard places where they feared illegal voters. I've never thought like this before, but our raykat is awesome!

What other countries consist of great people like ours?

And though I am heartbroken about the results, I am grateful for the experience of the last few months. Our country is great, and I can now say that from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Hi, if you have time, pls help to check the voting result in Pekan, Pahang hold by Najis.
    Got 80,000 voter come out to vote ? The number of population is Pekan. Thanks.

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