Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Weirdest/Nicest compliment I've had in a while

Went for a massage and spa manicure at Amante's, Taipan to finish up the package I bought for myself during my birthday.

Some therapists are more careful with the client's modesty, covering up as much as possible, even if revealing just one butt cheek while massaging the leg and covering it up before working on the other side. And they would avoid the chest area completely.

My therapist today, Linda, is not so. She pulled down the disposable panties and left it down while she vigourously worked on thumping and kneading my body. I'm quite alright with that, since that meant I'd get a very thorough treatment and there's only two of us in the room. Those who are uncomfortable should just muster up the courage to tell the therapist.

I was surprised though, when she also pulled down the towel and started massaging the chest. I haven't had a therapist that worked on that area for the longest time, and I confess, I was a bit embarrassed.

But she then asked me "Sudah kahwin?"

When I said no, she said, "Patutlah..tetek masih cantik"

I think it is quite a compliment when someone praises your breasts (except if it's a leering man). But it doesn't make it less awkward that it is given to you while you're lying down naked, being 'kneaded', and having your tetek being the subject of discussion.

Which makes it the nicest yet weirdest compliment I've had in a while.

Nonetheless, she did give a really good massage and the hour went by too fast.

The manicure was alright. It was completed without any nice or weird compliments about my sexy knuckles or

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