Monday, December 31, 2012

Checklist 2012

It doesn't seem right that it's already time for my next checklist. I wish time would just take its time.

So, here we are. Here we go.

Maintained a healthy lifestyle. Half check. I could have exercised more and eaten healthier.

Maintained my business. Check. Exceeded what I hoped to achieve. Renewed my business license for 3 years after the first year expired.

Own my own property. Half check and half check, to make a big happy check. Co own two properties and that makes me exceedingly happy. 

Gain a healthy perspective and get a grip on my finances. Check. I've learnt to separate my finances into one for spending and one for investing. With that, I don't feel guilty spending and I still make part of my money work for me.

Travel. Half check. Didn't go outside the country this year, but I finally visited one of Malaysia's famous paradise islands, Pulau Tioman. It certainly lived up to its reputation and I will forever long for its turquoise waters.

See my two best friends get married! Check. And two beautiful weddings they were too.

Happily, 21 December 2012 was not the end of the world, as many believed the end of the Mayan Calendar predicted. So, I have 2013 to look forward to:
  • Receiving the keys to my new apartment and working towards transforming it into a home.
  • Traveling, for sure, this time as flight tickets to the US has been bought.
  • Maintaining my business first, and growing it second. It's still a constant worry for me that I will not get enough projects, though I have managed to manage my worry better.
  • Being healthy. Exercising more and eating less late night snacks. 
  • Be more adventurous as the last year had been rather monotonous with not enough new experiences. As simple as trying new food places to learning new skills or, ideally, travelling more.

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